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Information for Students with Special Needs

Tung Wah College is committed to the aims of the HKSAR Government to ensure appropriate provision is given to students with special needs throughout his/her studies. Students with disabilities can expect to be integrated into the normal College environment, as much as possible. They are encouraged and helped to be responsible for their own learning and so achieve their full academic potential.

Tung Wah College’s in-house Counsellors, Facilities & IT Officers tries their best to provide appropriate care and support for all our students with a disability, dyslexia, medical or mental health condition which significantly affects study. The Student Affairs Office’s services can advise students and organise special academic facilities if a student is seen to have a disability and need some help. They will try to provide whatever support is necessary to enable students study effectively and to make full use of your opportunities at the College. This help will be specific and appropriate to students and relevant to the Programme students choose.

Special arrangements and facilities may well be required by disabled students when taking examinations. These might include extra reading time or a separate quiet room and are intended to minimise the effects of disability, which are often exacerbated by examination conditions. Our Facilities Team organizes all the requisite examination concessions for students with disabilities who have made themselves known to them and requested such concessions. It also makes recommendations to departments for students with disabilities who have regular support from the Service. Our Counselors, IT and Facilities officers are readily able to provide support to students in need.

Our College is wheelchair accessible and has lifts, walkways, escorting service to students who may need such help in order to access to all theatres, classrooms and laboratories.

For further advice, please contact our SAO representative at 3190-6660 or who may direct your enquiries to the appropriate staff within the college.

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