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TWC graduates report positive career outlook, earning over $20,000 monthly on average

(5 May 2017 – Hong Kong) The average salary of TWC graduates of the year 2016 is HK$20,062 per month, indicating that our graduates have good employment prospects. The average monthly salary of graduates of bachelor’s degree programmes is HK$20,552, while that of sub-degree programmes is HK$17,501.

TWC conducted a graduate survey from November 2016 to January 2017 to understand the graduates’ employment situation.  Among the 338 graduates, a total of 278 graduates responded to the survey (with a response rate of 82%). Around 73% of the respondents were bachelor’s degree graduates, and approximately 27% of them were sub-degree graduates.  According to the survey result, close to 90% of the respondents have secured jobs, opted for continuing studies or pursued other developments upon graduation.

In terms of employment, the health care sector remains the most preferred sector for graduates as about 61.4% of the College’s graduates have joined this sector, followed by the business sector (15.3%), and social services sector (5.7%).  The rest of them (17.6%) are engaged in wholesale, retail and import / export trades, transportation, communications, services and other sectors. For the sub-degree graduates who have chosen to pursue further studies, 79% of them are currently studying at Tung Wah College, which reflects that they are confident in the quality education provided by the College.

Besides, the first cohort of graduates of the Bachelor of Medical Science (Medical Laboratory Science (MLSc) and Radiation Therapy (RT) majors) programme were capped last year, and they were immediately eligible to register as qualified Medical Laboratory Technologists or Radiation Therapists.  The employment rate for the graduates majoring in MLSc was 100%.  As regards salary, the MLSc graduates earn HK$26,001 monthly on average, while RT graduates earn HK$30,278, making them the highest income earners among graduates of various disciplines.

The survey result showed that our graduates were highly competitive in the employment market and well-received by employers.  As more TWC graduates are entering the job market, winning word-of-mouth by demonstrating professional knowledge and excellent communication skills, the College is optimistic about the employment prospects of the coming cohort of graduates and believes that its graduates will continue to contribute to the prosperity of society.

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